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    VRTIST Corp presents a new format of theatrical performances that have never been done on stage before.

    The special feature of the show is the holograms that you will see. Optical illusions are vividly animated allowing the spectator to dive into the magic world of special effects.

    VRTIST Show-Centers are located in nearby cinemas that makes the luxury shows accessible to everyone, just like watching a movie in a movie theater.

    About us - make a unique show available to all

    More about the holographic show

    VRTIST is a synthesis of all kinds of visual art and modern multimedia technologies.

    The holographic show is based on hyperreal images: the proportions of people and objects do not change. Thanks to the high-resolution shots, the appearance of the hologram mimics the actor's appearance down to the smallest details, and the special effects look realistic, blurring the line between the virtual world and reality.

    VRTIST takes visualization capabilities to the next level. Unlike classical theater a single actor can play several roles at once, in different parts of the scene, changing his appearance in a split second. To duplicate a person, to defy the laws of gravity, to slow down time, to connect several actions from different places on stage – anything you ever dreamt of can be done in this show.

    VRTIST Studio

    VRTIST has its own scientific and technical laboratory: the creation of a show is a highly technologically advanced process that involves many specialists.

    Each show is a collaboration of scriptwriters and holographic content makers, which transitions into theatrical stage rehearsals and special effect development.

    The director works on the show in aspecial pavilion using specialized technologies to enhance the effect of the spectator's personal presence during the performance. When everything is ready, video, audio, and holographic plots are merged into a single performance to be shown.

    VRTIST creates shows in various formats such as: performances and musicals of famous theaters, concerts of musical performers, comedy shows, kid and family projects, fashion shows, horrors, erotica and more.

    Technology description and its availability

    This technology is more than 150 years old. At the beginning, it was known as ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ (named after its inventor, the illusionist Henry Pepper). It was first used in public in 1866.

    The singularity of this technology resides in its availability and easy usage.

    The main advantage of this technology lies in the absence of any technological risk (i.e. failure risk of this technology). This technology is commercially successful (large number of individual shows) and easy to implement.