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    General issue

    What is the difference between The VRTIST Show and other performances?

    In the VRTIST show, optical illusions look like living objects, blurring the line between the virtual world and reality. The holograms mimic the appearance of the actors we love, from the smallest detail, giving us a new perspective on our favorite performances.

    VRTIST offers a full immersion into the world of vivid effects - each show enhances the feeling of a spectator's personal presence during the performance. VRTIST offers new format for the entertainment industry.

    What is special about holographic theater?

    Our shows are a synthesis of all kinds of visual art and modern multimedia technologies. The holographic show is based on hyperreal images: the proportions of people and objects do not change. Thanks to the high-resolution shots, the appearance of the hologram mimics the actor's appearance down to the smallest details, and the special effects look realistic, blurring the line between the virtual world and reality.

    Unlike movies in 3D format, glasses or other special accessories are not needed to view our shows.

    What is the cost of the ticket?

    The average ticket price for the VRTIST show is 20 USD. We are in the mid-range between the cost of a movie and theater ticket. Our goal is to make unique, large-scale shows accessible to all.

    Where can I see the VRTIST show?

    Every day in "KARO" at "AVIAPARK" shopping center.

    Are there any age restrictions?

    Some VRTIST shows have age limits. Please ask at the cashier.

    How is the VRTIST content made?

    Holographic content is created in house in VRTIST's own studio..